‘FRESH’ Sections Added and More Snow ‘FROMDK’

Anyone else wanting to feel that end of week feeling yet? Well as it’s only Tuesday I thought something a little bit more entertaining and interactive was needed for today’s blog!

Here’s a little winter sport build up to this years Winter Olympic Games starting this month in Vancouver! (Although I’m not too sure you’re going to see this at the games)

Terje Håkonsen, the Norwegian freestyle snowboarding genius of the 1990s. He’s vertical riding, wow!

In entertainment / Sport news today:

The Oscars 2010 nominations were released today with the best of Hollywood and cinema and the forefront as you would expect, with a strong British showing for the Oscars, including nods for Helen Mirren, Carey Mulligan, Colin Firth.

Beckham ready to face Manchester United on Febraury 16th in Milan in the UEFA Champions League with the return game in Manchester in March, expect the usual media build up, ‘no regrets’, ‘wish him well’ etc comments to come from TEAM Alex Ferguson. Come on Milan 😉

New Section Introduced to FRESHFROMDK

Check out these links featuring websites from different fields, including art, fashion, travel today.

http://polanoid.net/ – A nice website dedicated to the saving of Polaroid film, including ‘photos of the day’ and lots of great examples using the film.

http://www.spottedbylocals.com/copenhagen – this is another handy website for travellers with a selection of cities, this link is preset to Copenhagen. Here you can find the best indie stores, coffee shops, fashion and art locations – all recommended by it’s readers and founders.

http://artdaily.org/index.asp – This is said to be the first ART NEWSPAPER ONLINE – featuring news from all areas art from around the world, worth a browse for inspiration or upcoming shows.

http://streetpeeper.com/ – Into your fashion? Want to know what’s hot and not in a city near you? This website features photographs from the street (up to date) from cities such as New York, London, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Milan, Paris.

These links will be uploaded into fixed links on the right hand side bar, for easy access in the future.

So the snow is back is Copenhagen today! Apparently it’s in for at least 10 hours, so a nice new layer for tomorrow, think of me ploughing through it to get to Copenhagen University and football training tomorrow!

Tomorrow another section will be added featuring TV and Music from Scandinavia – including a selection of tv adverts and music that I think you might enjoy!

Until then please feel free to comment on any other sections you would like to see featured in the future and I will do my best to get them uploaded!

See you tomorrow! / Vi ses i morgen!


February is The New January

Snowfall, sub zero temperatures and shoe’s that let in snow slush, is it February 1st already?

You have to wonder why we go to so much trouble, building up the 1st of January as the day we start afresh, “a new me” promise. When most of us are sobering up and nursing a massive hangover, and the winter is firmly settled in, money is low, and the thoughts kick in, “here we go again!”

So I have started again today, after what one can only say was a January to forget (for the majority of it!)

Today is the first day of the new University of Copenhagen semester, a return to football training (after heavy snowfall had disrupted practice and cancelled our weekend fixture), a fresh start and time to build again.

I will confess I’ve failed to maintain my enthusiasm for parts during the day, the snow is still thick on the ground, and walking up a street takes those extra few precious   minutes longer. This is apparently a freak winter, history being made here in Copenhagen, as this is the longest period of snowfall and mass in over 14 years, and before that it was around 14 years also! So there you go, some may think that Copenhagen, Denmark is a snowy place most of the year; this however is not the case. However, I’m hardly thrilled that I’m participating in this ‘historic Danish winter’. I don’t believe I’ve been above 1 or 2 degrees since the end of November / start of December (I’m just about clinging onto that summer of 2009 tan).

Today, the entire playing field and training pitches at the football ground were totally covered in the white stuff, no floodlights either, so was my journey to training in vein? Not quite…

The manager greeted me with the sentence, “So are you ready for a nice run?”  How long was this run you may ask? 5KM, which is just over 3 Miles (this is in snow, icy roads, sub zero temperatures, after 6pm) I’m not complaining….

I finished in the front of the pack, so quite an achievement I feel, plus not a bad start to the new ‘January 1st

As you can see I’ve put a few photographs (Sunday 31st January 2010) on this article, with a view of the morning after MORE heavy snow, and apparently if predictions are true, more is on the way in the next 24 hours.

I also want to add that today we are seeing a fresh layout for the blog, which I think eases the readability, hope you agree!

More new sections will become available on the sidebar (to the right), sections including art and music and football and the Copenhagen scene will be popping up within the next week!

Thanks and enjoy!

The Road to Costa Brava Via a Bleak Midwinter

Tentative and ill informed, not the emotions one might expect of an Assistant Manager walking towards the training ground. The fact of the matter was that I had no idea of who the new manager would be, nor had I any conversation with the chairman given any indications or leverage on my own position.
Being a Welshman with little Danish speaking ability was my immediate handicap when I joined the football club (just outside of Copenhagen) a few months ago. Little things like language were not going to get in my way, and as time went on, I began to pick up the odd sentence or two and command simple tasks of the players.

The football team had finished the previous season 2nd place in the league and had been invited to participate in the prestigious Mediterranean International Cup in Spain in 2010, a tournament that is full of the top European teams and was once the stage for a young Lionel Messi. The invitation was a huge incentive for the staff and players to represent the country, club and our fledging reputations in the game.

After spending Christmas in Wales with my family, I had received emails, demanding I ring the chairman immediately on a topic of ‘great urgency’.
I guess switching my Denmark simcard with my UK one, and not telling the club of the change of number had been a slight moment of lost in translation, but when eventually we did speak I was told bluntly, “We have a new manager, we need you to report to training an hour early next week”.
Arriving at the training ground club house, I waited anxiously and finally recognised a figure that possibly resembled the new manager, clumsily hoisting a bag full of old training gear over his shoulder, I said something that vaguely resembled “Are you new manager?” in Danish and to my luck he spun around and replied “yes” with a long sentence in Danish which I cared to nod politely to.
While shaking his hand I asked if English could be the preferred converse between the two of us for the foreseeable future, the nervous expressions upon his face dared to creep in, but he composed himself quickly and retrieved my recycled training gear from last season, upon which I was promised new personalised kit, I didn’t complain as the snow and subsequent frost meant that huge coats and gloves were all I was thinking about in the fashion department.

Fast forward 30 minutes, the manager and myself were standing amongst drifts of snow on the side of the well cleared artificial pitch, watching, 19 players go through their paces. It was amusing to see that the players were coming to me, talking in English and asking for help in what the new manager meant for this particular exercise. They were nervous and moved about loosing the former boss, who had become one of the boys, and now everything seemed deadly serious.

The heightening build up to the World Cup in South Africa in Denmark, is reaping results in the intake of new young players wanting to participate in the sport.
Ex-Danish internationals were watching training and games as their sons play at the club, and this level of enthusiasm is surely felt in the infrastructures in place at the club. The one thing that is surely the vital ingredient in the enjoyment and future success of the Danish nation is the realistic, down to earth and welcome qualification for South Africa 2010.

The manager was clearly keen to change the dynamics of training and the feeling that these players knew everything, he did this by adding new, thinking based training that night, and did those boys fall at the first hurdle. Ball flying everywhere, miss-timed passes, wrong positioning. The manager had got what he wanted from the session and with preparations building for the tournament in Barcelona.
I thought back to a piece of advice from a coaching course I had attended in London, saying ‘you should judge a person by how you find them and not by their reputation’.
Ultimately the popularity of the manager will be judged on the results of his team and not on the merits of his personality, as was with his predecessor.


Velkommen tilbage til Swansea

or Welcome back to Swansea ‘FRESH FROM DK’

I’m writing live from Wales, UK today as i’m home for the holidays with the family and let me tell you, it’s cold here too! I had visions of getting on the plane in snowy Copenhagen and arriving in London with a few welcome +degrees, no such luck.

So this is my first full day back in Wales for four months and it’s always good to travel home for the Christmas season. It’s like in movies when they travel through the snow to get home in time and just make it to a chorus of carols at the front door, snow gently falling and the aroma of seasonal foods.  Well, there’s still over a week until the big day and no snow here but the thought was nice!

So what’s going down over the next couple of weeks… Well I will be working with Swansea FC  for a couple of days to get some tips and learn some practices before I head back to my club HIK in Denmark.

Thesis paper to be concluded and plans for the upcoming year to be made, I guess control is starting to become quite important. It’s a great feeling to see your life flow with limited complications, having things on time and being able to spend time with those that you love and enjoy too!

Here i’ve pictured a recycling kiosk that you can find in Denmark and Norway and i’m sure many other countries in the world. They work be depositing your cans, bottles and in return getting credit for your shopping bill or as actual money.

You will rarely find a can or bottle thrown out as trash or littering parks or streets. They are great ways to save money on the shopping bills and of course encourage recycling in the greenest city ‘COPENHAGEN’.

If only the UK would do more like this, it’s a simple concept.

I will be posting updates or TWEETS on my FRESHFROMDK Twitter account to let you know when the blog is updated and to add images from time to time.

GLÆDELIG JUL to all those reading from Denmark and Norway and keep returning for more updates from my time in the UK.

And We’re Back!

Well it’s been quite a while since I last wrote. What with a hectic schedule and lack of news, I thought i’d give you all a small break. However, ‘FRESH FROM DK’ is getting a new formula and exploring more open topics in the world of sport and subjects that range from research, accompanied with small diary extracts from life in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tomorrow, I will be working in conjunction with ‘The Guardian’ newspaper online. Covering the FIFA 2010 World Cup Draw from South Africa, LIVE.  While representing DENMARK on Twitter, me along with other country representatives at the World Cup will be commentating on the breaking news and the offical draw. If the venture is successful, I shall be continuing this at next year’s World Cup at every Denmark game. At the same time covering the build up to the tournament via ‘FRESH FROM DK’ the offical Blog and also live on ‘Twitter’. My username is ‘freshfromdk’ if you want to follow my tweets over the coming months and during tomorrow’s live draw with ‘The Guardian’.

I shall also be exploring training and coaching methods in correlation with scientific approaches and looking at the big issues on the training field along with the global efforts being made to improve the game and those that are jeopardising various aspects of the sport.

In the coming weeks you will notice changes to the layout and the way in which topics are posted, as the usage of other forms of media and a personal look at life in Copenhagen and how comparisons can be made to look at ways of improvement in all sport and public sectors.

Remember join the World Cup 2010 draw live from 6PM GMT FRIDAY 4TH DECEMBER 2009.


Fra Swansea til København


Today started by walking into the city to check out some good coffee shops, but it was so busy in every one we found! Believe me there are some really nice places here, i’m going to enjoy studying in one of them soon!

It was a cold, crisp but nice sunny day, so it was a good way to spend a Saturday in the city.

We eventually decided to buy some really good coffee for our coffee maker back at the apartment and enjoy an evening in and just go round some shops instead.

I suggested that on the way home we would pass a pub themed in the style of an ‘YE OLDE ENGLISH PUB’! Maybe they would have SKYSPORTS so I could see the Swansea/Cardiff score (football)… but to my great surprise, they game was being screened live, here in Copenhagen! We grabbed a couple of beers and sat to watch the South Wales derby!

2-0 to Swansea when we sat down and I was quickly told from someone when I showed some support to the Swans that they were ‘rubbish’.

Next to me was a small group of men from Cardiff! What are the chances of that! So there was one man from Swansea (men) and three men from Cardiff at opposite ends of the pub (which was practically deserted except for the odd Dane sitting quietly with a beer).

Cardiff scored 2 more goals and at half time they walked past our table, clenching their firsts and saying ‘COME ON!’

It was quite funny but it was as if a part of this spicey local fued had suddenly spilled over in a quiet pub in Denmark!!

Swansea scored late in the second half to win 3-2 and as soon as the full time whistle blew and the Liberty Stadium errupted, we quickly ran out of the pub which had a Cardiff nuemerical advantage. Me shouting ‘COME ON SWANSEA’ as I left! Greatly unexpected afternoon of Welsh football abroad!

Check out the match report from the match thanks to BBC SPORT.


I apologise that alot of my blogs have been football orientated, but I promise to branch into some new things in the coming weeks, including the build up to the COPENHAGEN CLIMATE COFERENCE 2009 in December and the countdown to my essay deadline of 20+ pages. Also the build up to my return to the UK and the Festive season fast approaching!

Tonight I believe there will be some sort of vegetable wok styled dish for food and a movie and maybe…some essay work!

See you tomorrow X


It’s South Wales Derby Eve!

First a few points to cover in regards that I didn’t post a blog yesterday but I shall make up for it today with a mixed array of topics!

That essay I was talking about on Wednesday… Completed 😉 In plenty of time too, so I slept very well last night before this mornings deadline. But no rest really, as it kicks into a 20 page essay, so today i’ve just been planning, taking more notes and structuring my own ‘deadlines’ so I can hopefully complete the entire thing at least a week before deadline! Which is offically the 18th December, but I’m flying back to the UK on the 16th, so my deadline is 10th December, I’ll be very happy with that 😉

Well for all you football enthusiasts and Swansea/Cardiff locals, tomorrow is South Wales derby day!

The first meeting of the season in the Championship between Swansea City and Cardiff Cityat the Liberty Stadium, Swansea.


Check out the link for all the latest match-day build up and manager interview (BBC SPORT)

Me and my dad were in attendence in September 2008 during a Carling Cup meeting, the first in many years at the Liberty Stadium where the Swans won 1-0, amid scenes of violence and disruption in a game that has unfortunately had much media build up for all the wrong reasons.

The INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER wrote a small piece about FOOTBALL WORLD DERBIES and said this about the match:

cardiffswansea_56380dThe south Wales derby: Cardiff v Swansea
Scenes from their Carling Cup meeting in the week back up the feeling that this is the most violent derby in Britain. Both clubs, especially Cardiff, have a reputation when it comes to hooliganism. The fact that Cardiff is the capital of Wales and that the second city of the country, Swansea, is sometimes forgotten feeds the bad feeling between the teams

However moving away from the negative press, which ultimately makes this Championship match all the more spicey!

Tomorrow’s meeting will allow Swansea the chance to move within 2 points of Cardiff in the PLAY-OFFS and just a handful of points from the top of the league. Cardiff too have huge incentives with the fact they could (with a win) be top of the Championship by the evening if other results go their way.

Okay so moving swiftly on, today I thought i’d move you into that friday feeling and into the weekend with some more images of Copenhagen and it’s cultural delights!

Remember you can click on these images to enlarge them!

This is an image of the Danish National Stadium, Parken. Home to FC COPENHAGEN & DENMARK.











Tuborg Julebryg_logo_2



See you at the weekend!