Sour Grapes and Gold

Welcome to the weekend and the end of another week, or in another perspective, the beginning to a new, fresh, exciting week. Notice that my predictions for the upcoming week are based on the effects of my morning coffee and desperation for a positive outlook.

Amy Williams won Team GB’s first gold medal at a Winter Olympic games since 1980 (picture thanks to ‘The Telegraph’)

I see in the Saturday newspaper, ‘The Guardian’ that British people are complaining relentlessly about the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

I take a section from the article that sums up the typicality of the great British nation,

‘After finishing 13th in the downhill, Chemmy Alcott tried to explain our mind-set to the rest of the world by saying that the “British just love to criticise”. And so we do. Despite the fact that some of the sport in Vancouver – such as Lindsey Vonn’s gold medal run in the women’s downhill – has been captivating, it can’t match the satisfactions of a good grumble. In Britain the sourest grapes taste the sweetest.’

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Britain has one gold medal and lingering near the bottom of the medal table, or maybe we are right to criticise the Olympics in Canada. We hate the snow and surely mountains of such magnitude are tiresome and inconvenient for likes of us. Then it is Canada after all, re-known for… ice hockey and controversial animal killings that have led to numerous petitions and protests. Maybe it’s all in the perception of a place. Winter Olympics in the Alps however, sounds mighty attractive!

However, maybe those gold medals are the reason for the bitterness, doesn’t success = positive feedback?  I have a feeling that those Summer Olympic games in London in two years will bring build-up scepticism and criticisms over government spending, but if team GB can match or even beat the medal haul of Beijing, then the atmosphere will be distinctly different to these winter games.

As some of you know I am a post-graduate student at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and today I am a little bit prouder of where I study as something quite potent caught my attention.

The University of Copenhagen was founded in 1479 and is the oldest and largest university in Denmark. The University has a student body of 37,000 including 2,300 international students. The eight faculties are located on four campus areas in Copenhagen and encompass approximately one hundred different institutes, departments, laboratories, centres, as well as museums and the Botanical Gardens. At the University of Copenhagen, research and teaching interact to create the most challenging and exciting learning processes for students and researchers.

The University of Copenhagen has produced no less than 8 Nobel Prize winners and in 2005 the University joined nine other of the world’s leading research universities to form the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU).

No less than 8 Nobel Prize winners! Well, I’m not sure if I can stake a claim to being a future number 9 but it’s certainly inspiring, and adds an aura of possibility to the experience.


Maybe this is humourous to a person that doesn’t normally live in such cold conditions, but according to the ‘Copenhagen Post’ we should ‘Be aware. Look up. And jump towards the wall if you spot a sharp pointy icicle heading your way, warn experts’.

Authorities in Copenhagen have issued warnings to residents to be careful of falling icicles this weekend as temperatures heat up slightly.

‘Because of the temperature increasing above freezing point for long periods, there is a danger that snow drifts and icicles could slide down from the roofs. This is one of those cases of the danger of nature,’ said Kasper Ninn Johansen of the Copenhagen Fire Brigade.
Meanwhile, Copenhagen Police have advised pedestrians to be aware of their surroundings. If they see icicles or heavy snow on the edge of a roof, they are urged to seek shelter against the wall.’

Music Video of the Day

Today the video’s (in order) come from ‘Vampire Weekend’.

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