Wake Up To Monday (or Day 39)

Why do we almost always seem to get lured into what is apparently the ‘thing to see’ or what is ‘trendy’ at that very moment?

I say this because I am a UK citizen and have little time for sports outside of Football and Rugby and now Handball (thank you Denmark). So what about a guy from Wales sitting on a sofa in Copenhagen watching the American Football Superbowl 2010 live from Miami, USA until 4am in the morning? I even found myself crying out when the seemingly underdogs, New Orleans Saints intercepted a pass that ultimately sealed the victory 31 points to 17 against Indianapolis Colts.

I’m an avid football (soccer) fan and have never visited the USA or watched a regular NFL game in my life, but for some reason I have watched the last five Super Bowl’s, maybe it’s the half time show entertainment… The Who provided last night’s entertainment and fair play to them, they played great and for about 15 minutes you honestly forget your watching a cup final match and not a concert! Americans, for sure, do love the spectacle.

Saints lift the NFL Vince Lombardi Trophy at Last Night’s Super Bowl

Let’s take it right back to basics for those of you that have not yet been to Copenhagen, or those that have just arrived or intend on doing so. Here is a short but general guide to the city (by Lonely Planet), although take what the woman says with a pinch of salt and remember the city is however you make it out to be, for me, the sound of the city is certainly not jazz and are Danes really that crazy about smørrebrød???

Okay it’s official, remember the date, February 8th 2010, and I have finally decided to make a glorious comeback to Art and Photography, although it might be slightly more momentous when I actually put a film in a camera or pen to paper, but the idea and intention is there! The last time I actually took art seriously and made it professionally was just under a year ago for an exhibition in London entitled ‘FREE RANGE’, from which I sold work abroad and suddenly the passion went. However after visiting Louisiana in Denmark (an excellent art gallery for those of you who have not visited, so here is the link to check out upcoming/current events)


I have had the urge to come back and start a new style without the pressures of is it right or is it wrong, making art is trully a theraputic and enjoyable form of life, as cheesy as that sounds, I look forward to sharing the process with you over the coming months!

Guide to the Winter Olympic Events in Vancouver, Canada.

4 days to go until the Winter Olympics! Don’t know much about any of the events? Check out this handy article from ‘The Guardian’ to make the sporting programme a bit more digestable.



Also a special thanks to Copenhagen University Post for naming ‘FRESHFROMDK’ Blog of the Week.

You can read the published piece at this website address:


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