Weekend Edition

(This post will continually be updated over Saturday and Sunday)

Happy first weekend of the month – the longer the weeks go on, the more anxious I become about the safety of my current Masters thesis’ and current novel. Lunging paranoia aside, the more likely it is that my computer will go into an operatic series of crashes before simply dying in my arms, the more I tend to admire the shiny, sleak Apple Mac’s and yearn to hand over my debit card gladfully, before ruefully remembering that the possibility of this scenario is as likely as me winning the Nobel Peace Prize (although when you see Obama getting one, it seems easier each year, all I need is for the Scandinavians to believe that I will bring ‘future peace’).

Back to the blog, it’s the first ever ‘WEEKEND EDITION’, this post spans over Saturday and Sunday, and will be updated all the way until Sunday night, with videos, writing and links etc.

In news for next week, the good news is that ‘FRESHFROMDK’ is to be featured as ‘BLOG OF THE WEEK’ on Copenhagen University Student Newspaper, this will be published from Monday 8th February on http://universitypost.dk/, so go check that out from Monday.

I have the photographic urge once again. It’s been around 8 months since I last took a real film and camera and took photography seriously. I’m an Internationally Sold Professional Photographer, but the so far 8 month break has been gratefully recieved. So for those that have not seen any of my photography, I have some old links (bad self-promotion on my part here), from my own website and from other sites I am featured, enjoy!

MY PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITEhttp://www2.clikpic.com/drewphoto/index.html

SOURCE PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE REVIEWhttp://www.source.ie/graduate/2009/swanseapj/bardre/bardre1.xml#pagedown

SAATCHI GALLERYONLINEhttp://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/4ns/studentDetails/Drew+Bartle/87763


Here’s one for the fashion concious … Love vintage clothes? Here’s a good website,browse for clothing and buy online – simple!


In another new feature next week in order to pay tribute to ‘FRESHFROMDK’ being featured as BLOG OF THE WEEK, I will be hitting the streets of Copenhagen and areas of interest, taking photos and reporting on places of interest for those of you reading from Denmark and to those with interest of the city. I will especially focus on the vintage district and other points of Danish custom that other nationalities may not be aware of.


Today’s Copenhagen focus looks at Rosenborg Castle, in the city of Copenhagen. The city has many great parks but its most royal is the King’s Garden surrounding the Rosenborg Castle,  a summer residence to Denmark’s Royal family.



Snowdrifts and artificial turf, not ideal conditions for a game of football, but it didn’t make any difference as HIK U19 defeated Boldklubben Frem 7-0, in a game where HIK’s new attacking formation really came into play. As me (Assistant Manager) and the manager watched on, it was a pretty routine victory after the first three goals were scored. Frem never brought the game to HIK, and it will have done the whole team alot of good to go scoring crazy infront of the sparse crowd (although the cold may have played a bit big part in that!)


Champions Ireland began the 2010 tournament in convincing fashion 29-11 at Croke Park, Ireland.

2008 Champions Wales suffered opening day defeat to England 30-17 at Twickenham, England.


Group G: ENGLAND, Switzerland, Bulgaria, WALES, Montenegro

Very interesting draw for Wales against England, should hopefully be a very competitive group!

Group H: Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Cyprus, Iceland – Here’s one if your living in Copenhagen and want to see some good football, Portugal and Norway will provide very good games.

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