Have You Got That Friday Feeling?

Good day everyone, welcome to the ‘FRIDAY EDITION’ from ‘FRESHFROMDK’.

Here is a good video from ‘WONDERFUL COPENHAGEN’ that was filmed very recently, as a tribute to those that cycle despite the slippery, snowy conditions.

Today we go through a variety of mediums, up first is my song of the week, which will be featured every Friday.

HOT CHIP – ONE LIFE STAND – The new single is a fun and catchy tune and the video is really cool, so check it out (it’s  in HD to enhance your viewing)

Now of course for you Rugby lovers out there, it’s 6 NATIONS Kick-off weekend tomorrow, and we have the biggest match of the weekend, my home country of Wales taking on England on their home ground of Twickenham.

Expectations are high, and with Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy all taking part, it will be a mammouth few weeks of rugby. I will post a link to follow scores and previews to games if you too would like to follow the ‘RBS 6 NATIONS 2010’.


In relation to the rugby 6 Nations, I have posted a trailor of a new film about the true story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team, Francois Pienaar, to help unite their country. Newly elected President Mandela knows his nation remains racially and economically divided in the wake of apartheid. Believing he can bring his people together through the universal language of sport, Mandela rallies South Africa’s underdog rugby team as they make an unlikely run to the 1995 World Cup Championship match.


So tomorrow (Saturday) is my first pre-season game as Assistant Manager to HIK, we take on ‘Boldklubben Frem’, very good opponents from Denmark that will be playing at our home ground, which is still being cleared after the heavy snowfall, so the game should go ahead as planned after last week’s cancellation.

Weather today predicts highs at 2 degrees (if you can class that as a high) and snowfall for possibly 2 hour periods later in the day/night.

I thought today I would also introduce some of you to the Danish newspapers, online and in print.

For those that can read Dansk, then I recommend the better quality paper POLITIKENhttp://politiken.dk/

If your like your Danish news a little more, English then I recommend reading CPH POSThttp://www.cphpost.dk


Today we look at the area of Christiania, the guide is in English and is in HD for better viewing.

(If your computer struggles to run HD then please select a lower setting on the YOUTUBE video from 720p to 360p)

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