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Velkommen tilbage til Swansea

or Welcome back to Swansea ‘FRESH FROM DK’

I’m writing live from Wales, UK today as i’m home for the holidays with the family and let me tell you, it’s cold here too! I had visions of getting on the plane in snowy Copenhagen and arriving in London with a few welcome +degrees, no such luck.

So this is my first full day back in Wales for four months and it’s always good to travel home for the Christmas season. It’s like in movies when they travel through the snow to get home in time and just make it to a chorus of carols at the front door, snow gently falling and the aroma of seasonal foods.  Well, there’s still over a week until the big day and no snow here but the thought was nice!

So what’s going down over the next couple of weeks… Well I will be working with Swansea FC  for a couple of days to get some tips and learn some practices before I head back to my club HIK in Denmark.

Thesis paper to be concluded and plans for the upcoming year to be made, I guess control is starting to become quite important. It’s a great feeling to see your life flow with limited complications, having things on time and being able to spend time with those that you love and enjoy too!

Here i’ve pictured a recycling kiosk that you can find in Denmark and Norway and i’m sure many other countries in the world. They work be depositing your cans, bottles and in return getting credit for your shopping bill or as actual money.

You will rarely find a can or bottle thrown out as trash or littering parks or streets. They are great ways to save money on the shopping bills and of course encourage recycling in the greenest city ‘COPENHAGEN’.

If only the UK would do more like this, it’s a simple concept.

I will be posting updates or TWEETS on my FRESHFROMDK Twitter account to let you know when the blog is updated and to add images from time to time.

GLÆDELIG JUL to all those reading from Denmark and Norway and keep returning for more updates from my time in the UK.


And We’re Back!

Well it’s been quite a while since I last wrote. What with a hectic schedule and lack of news, I thought i’d give you all a small break. However, ‘FRESH FROM DK’ is getting a new formula and exploring more open topics in the world of sport and subjects that range from research, accompanied with small diary extracts from life in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tomorrow, I will be working in conjunction with ‘The Guardian’ newspaper online. Covering the FIFA 2010 World Cup Draw from South Africa, LIVE.  While representing DENMARK on Twitter, me along with other country representatives at the World Cup will be commentating on the breaking news and the offical draw. If the venture is successful, I shall be continuing this at next year’s World Cup at every Denmark game. At the same time covering the build up to the tournament via ‘FRESH FROM DK’ the offical Blog and also live on ‘Twitter’. My username is ‘freshfromdk’ if you want to follow my tweets over the coming months and during tomorrow’s live draw with ‘The Guardian’.

I shall also be exploring training and coaching methods in correlation with scientific approaches and looking at the big issues on the training field along with the global efforts being made to improve the game and those that are jeopardising various aspects of the sport.

In the coming weeks you will notice changes to the layout and the way in which topics are posted, as the usage of other forms of media and a personal look at life in Copenhagen and how comparisons can be made to look at ways of improvement in all sport and public sectors.

Remember join the World Cup 2010 draw live from 6PM GMT FRIDAY 4TH DECEMBER 2009.