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Fra Swansea til Kรธbenhavn


Today started by walking into the city to check out some good coffee shops, but it was so busy in every one we found! Believe me there are some really nice places here, i’m going to enjoy studying in one of them soon!

It was a cold, crisp but nice sunny day, so it was a good way to spend a Saturday in the city.

We eventually decided to buy some really good coffee for our coffee maker back at the apartment and enjoy an evening in and just go round some shops instead.

I suggested that on the way home we would pass a pub themed in the style of an ‘YE OLDE ENGLISH PUB’! Maybe they would have SKYSPORTS so I could see the Swansea/Cardiff score (football)… but to my great surprise, they game was being screened live, here in Copenhagen! We grabbed a couple of beers and sat to watch the South Wales derby!

2-0 to Swansea when we sat down and I was quickly told from someone when I showed some support to the Swans that they were ‘rubbish’.

Next to me was a small group of men from Cardiff! What are the chances of that! So there was one man from Swansea (men) and three men from Cardiff at opposite ends of the pub (which was practically deserted except for the odd Dane sitting quietly with a beer).

Cardiff scored 2 more goals and at half time they walked past our table, clenching their firsts and saying ‘COME ON!’

It was quite funny but it was as if a part of this spicey local fued had suddenly spilled over in a quiet pub in Denmark!!

Swansea scored late in the second half to win 3-2 and as soon as the full time whistle blew and the Liberty Stadium errupted, we quickly ran out of the pub which had a Cardiff nuemerical advantage. Me shouting ‘COME ON SWANSEA’ as I left! Greatly unexpected afternoon of Welsh football abroad!

Check out the match report from the match thanks to BBC SPORT.

I apologise that alot of my blogs have been football orientated, but I promise to branch into some new things in the coming weeks, including the build up to the COPENHAGEN CLIMATE COFERENCE 2009 in December and the countdown to my essay deadline of 20+ pages. Also the build up to my return to the UK and the Festive season fast approaching!

Tonight I believe there will be some sort of vegetable wok styled dish for food and a movie and maybe…some essay work!

See you tomorrow X



It’s South Wales Derby Eve!

First a few points to cover in regards that I didn’t post a blog yesterday but I shall make up for it today with a mixed array of topics!

That essay I was talking about on Wednesday… Completed ๐Ÿ˜‰ In plenty of time too, so I slept very well last night before this mornings deadline. But no rest really, as it kicks into a 20 page essay, so today i’ve just been planning, taking more notes and structuring my own ‘deadlines’ so I can hopefully complete the entire thing at least a week before deadline! Which is offically the 18th December, but I’m flying back to the UK on the 16th, so my deadline is 10th December, I’ll be very happy with that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well for all you football enthusiasts and Swansea/Cardiff locals, tomorrow is South Wales derby day!

The first meeting of the season in the Championship between Swansea City and Cardiff Cityat the Liberty Stadium, Swansea.

Check out the link for all the latest match-day build up and manager interview (BBC SPORT)

Me and my dad were in attendence in September 2008 during a Carling Cup meeting, the first in many years at the Liberty Stadium where the Swans won 1-0, amid scenes of violence and disruption in a game that has unfortunately had much media build up for all the wrong reasons.

The INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER wrote a small piece about FOOTBALL WORLD DERBIES and said this about the match:

cardiffswansea_56380dThe south Wales derby: Cardiff v Swansea
Scenes from their Carling Cup meeting in the week back up the feeling that this is the most violent derby in Britain. Both clubs, especially Cardiff, have a reputation when it comes to hooliganism. The fact that Cardiff is the capital of Wales and that the second city of the country, Swansea, is sometimes forgotten feeds the bad feeling between the teams

However moving away from the negative press, which ultimately makes this Championship match all the more spicey!

Tomorrow’s meeting will allow Swansea the chance to move within 2 points of Cardiff in the PLAY-OFFS and just a handful of points from the top of the league. Cardiff too have huge incentives with the fact they could (with a win) be top of the Championship by the evening if other results go their way.

Okay so moving swiftly on, today I thought i’d move you into that friday feeling and into the weekend with some more images of Copenhagen and it’s cultural delights!

Remember you can click on these images to enlarge them!

This is an image of the Danish National Stadium, Parken. Home to FC COPENHAGEN & DENMARK.











Tuborg Julebryg_logo_2



See you at the weekend!

Fresh From DK @ St James Park Stadium

The title of today’s blog comes from the news in the football world, that the owners of English club Newcastle Utd have re-named the stadium in order to bring in more revenue. The name?ย  SPORTSDIRECT.COM@ST JAMES’ PARK STADIUM!

Incredible! You can imagine on sports programmes they will be saying “There’s been a goal at the @ St James Park Stadium”, don’t see it working so well!

So it’s Wednesday (Onsdag) and today I have to say was particularly productive!

Woke at a decent time .. then most of the day consisted of sitting at the desk, reading a paper on ‘Violence in the Media’ for an essay due on Friday. The paper, being 25 pages long, and having to seive through every paragraph for note taking and more ‘clever’ reading into it, proved tedious and not so to my tastes! haha!

Ah well, I completed all of that and took plenty of notes, now I actually have to write it and forget about that and get on with my major paper due in 5 weeks time … I have to write 20 solid pages. Fun times!

It snowed today, be it only briefly! Around 4 degress in Copenhagen, with blustry winds, it was none too pleasant!

So at 6.30 this evening I was coaching, as our U19 team played an U17 teams merged and played eachother … I think the score ended up being 3-2, all the goals were excellent, considering it was in high winds and heavy snowy/rain, so we were all soaked to the bone after 2 hours training.

I am signing the contract for the club tomorrow to make me officially assistant manager to the U19 team and PUMA will be whipping out my new training and match day kits with the initials ‘AB’ on them, so i’ll look the part then eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

So tomorrow is the first real ‘pressure’ day for an essay deadline, will I make it? Will I be able to meet the Friday 9am deadline of 1000 words? I’m sure it will be fine, but check back tomorrow night for the gripping conclusion!

Vi ses i morgen! (See you tomorrow) X



Today Is Tuesday (I dag er Tirsdag)

Looking back at Monday’s blog, I sort of ended up writing something like … i’ll be burying my head into some books and studying all day …

Slight change of plan, I have studied, a tiny bit. Although today I do have a decent excuse! I have been very under the weather and thus needed relaxing and ‘taking it easy’ which is of course a rareity in such busy times, arn’t I right?!

So commenced a relatively lazyesque day, with it being a UEFA Champions Leage football night I watched MILAN v BARCELONA and MAN UTD V MOSCOW, in Danish (Dansk) of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s getting colder, I can feel it! It’s 4 degrees maximum here tomorrow, but it’s the wind that really tips it over the edge! Ok no more weather related complaining!

Today instead of rambling on about a quiet sort of day I shall put up more Copenhagen images, thanks to the good people at Google Images.

Christiania Bikes (Copenhagen’s finest bike)


The Black Diamond Library

Den Sorte diamant

A Copenhagen METRO (Underground) Station


The Metro Trains have NO drivers, so sit at the front and enjoy the ride!


Remember to check in Wednesday (Onsdag) for another ‘thrilling’ installment from Denmark! X

A Pledge, To Blog Every Day … No Matter How … Well, Boring!

First of all, for fans of Top Gear or British Caravan Holidays then please watch this short video, very funny!

Ok so let’s kick off with Monday the 2nd of November!

Rain and lots of it! Well being Welsh and native to one of the wettest cities in Wales, being Swansea, this is just another day for the likes of me!

So to kick off the day, errands including, student office paper work, bank accounts and bill paying!

Are you still with me? Sorry, but after that Top Gear video, it’s a bit tough to keep the high standard going!

Ok so the rain has ceased a bit, still cold though! I’m in Scandanavia, so I shouldn’t be expecting anything less, but ever the optimist!

So it’s getting dark by 4pm and i’m off to Football training with HIK north of Copenhagen and the train is my best way of doing this, quickly.

Now those that know me, will realise i’m no big fan of public transport. I’ve done Swansea busses and trains, the underground of Budapest, the trams of Oslo, the train in Berlin and now the train service in Copenhagen.

I actually enjoy it! Yes! It’s pretty quick, effective and people keep to themselves ….. most of the time, unless you have some balding, puffy coated Danish chav ever so slightly nodding his head your way as he falls asleep on the seat next to you. Nothing a bit of heavy shifting in my seat won’t solve ๐Ÿ˜‰

Training went well, we were running low on players for some reason or another, fines then come into play for those with the flimsy excuses.

So with only 11 in attendence, they asked me to play in goal for a practice match … let me tell you, i’ve played in a 5-a-side team named The Gulls and various small games in parks and streets and fields, but never, ever have I played with a snow coat and jeans .. and there was no way I would have taken these off, it’s bloody freezing where I coach!

It was enjoyable all the same, and you have to remember it’s not about the amount of goals I let in, it’s all about the participation and having fun!

Tomorrow, i’m putting my face in about 10 books, note-taking and writing passable comments about what I believe this and that is about … wish me luck ok!

I will post a blog every day this week, I will!