Sour Grapes and Gold

Welcome to the weekend and the end of another week, or in another perspective, the beginning to a new, fresh, exciting week. Notice that my predictions for the upcoming week are based on the effects of my morning coffee and desperation for a positive outlook.

Amy Williams won Team GB’s first gold medal at a Winter Olympic games since 1980 (picture thanks to ‘The Telegraph’)

I see in the Saturday newspaper, ‘The Guardian’ that British people are complaining relentlessly about the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

I take a section from the article that sums up the typicality of the great British nation,

‘After finishing 13th in the downhill, Chemmy Alcott tried to explain our mind-set to the rest of the world by saying that the “British just love to criticise”. And so we do. Despite the fact that some of the sport in Vancouver – such as Lindsey Vonn’s gold medal run in the women’s downhill – has been captivating, it can’t match the satisfactions of a good grumble. In Britain the sourest grapes taste the sweetest.’

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Britain has one gold medal and lingering near the bottom of the medal table, or maybe we are right to criticise the Olympics in Canada. We hate the snow and surely mountains of such magnitude are tiresome and inconvenient for likes of us. Then it is Canada after all, re-known for… ice hockey and controversial animal killings that have led to numerous petitions and protests. Maybe it’s all in the perception of a place. Winter Olympics in the Alps however, sounds mighty attractive!

However, maybe those gold medals are the reason for the bitterness, doesn’t success = positive feedback?  I have a feeling that those Summer Olympic games in London in two years will bring build-up scepticism and criticisms over government spending, but if team GB can match or even beat the medal haul of Beijing, then the atmosphere will be distinctly different to these winter games.

As some of you know I am a post-graduate student at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and today I am a little bit prouder of where I study as something quite potent caught my attention.

The University of Copenhagen was founded in 1479 and is the oldest and largest university in Denmark. The University has a student body of 37,000 including 2,300 international students. The eight faculties are located on four campus areas in Copenhagen and encompass approximately one hundred different institutes, departments, laboratories, centres, as well as museums and the Botanical Gardens. At the University of Copenhagen, research and teaching interact to create the most challenging and exciting learning processes for students and researchers.

The University of Copenhagen has produced no less than 8 Nobel Prize winners and in 2005 the University joined nine other of the world’s leading research universities to form the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU).

No less than 8 Nobel Prize winners! Well, I’m not sure if I can stake a claim to being a future number 9 but it’s certainly inspiring, and adds an aura of possibility to the experience.


Maybe this is humourous to a person that doesn’t normally live in such cold conditions, but according to the ‘Copenhagen Post’ we should ‘Be aware. Look up. And jump towards the wall if you spot a sharp pointy icicle heading your way, warn experts’.

Authorities in Copenhagen have issued warnings to residents to be careful of falling icicles this weekend as temperatures heat up slightly.

‘Because of the temperature increasing above freezing point for long periods, there is a danger that snow drifts and icicles could slide down from the roofs. This is one of those cases of the danger of nature,’ said Kasper Ninn Johansen of the Copenhagen Fire Brigade.
Meanwhile, Copenhagen Police have advised pedestrians to be aware of their surroundings. If they see icicles or heavy snow on the edge of a roof, they are urged to seek shelter against the wall.’

Music Video of the Day

Today the video’s (in order) come from ‘Vampire Weekend’.


“Next Station Copenhagen Central, Have a Beautiful Day”

Writing has been at the forefront of my mind lately, well especially as this Blog has become a daily ritual. There’s something about writing thoughts, feelings and opinions that almost feels like a release.

Today I found myself rummaging around the archives looking for some of my very first published Journalism. So to amuse followers of ‘FRESHFROMDK’, I have uploaded two articles during my time employed with a local newspaper in Wales, UK.

The first article was a found story by me, even though I was just helping around the office, I managed to break through and get quite alot published.

The second article made the front page! A proud moment in my youthful career.


The Eye As The Human Kodak

Sitting on the S-Toget (train) to Hellerup from Copenhagen Central Station today, I slumped into the only available seat at the front of the carriage, next to three, heavily fur dressed inspired ladies that in itself will make anyone look twice.

It made me think; what if our human eyes could save moments and glimpses that evades the instincts of any photographer.

Here I am, probably looking slightly dodgy as my eyes gaze around the carriage, looking at small details, how people are dressed to defeat the sub zero temperatures. I don’t know if you have ever ridden to S-Toget, but when the train pulls in at each station, there is always ONE person that will fall forwards and cling to the best available leverage. If you could take a series of photographs of moments like this, it might just be pretty funny.

There was one particular moment that made me feel like I should have my camera more today though.

Picture the scene. Two women, dressed in furry hats and coats. One had just told the other woman off for sitting on her bag. Both looking in opposite directions, moody faces. There through the glass behind their seat is a mans backpack pushed up tight to the glass with a cartoon reindeer (wearing a t-shirt saying “LOVE DENMARK”) hanging on a key ring. It almost looks like the reindeer is mocking the two women.

Possibly a picture worthy of welcoming all people to Denmark, although I’m not sure it’s what the Tourism sector is looking for in terms of promotion.

Surely you too see things you wish could be transformed to film, to be kept forever, a moment to look back and remember, the emotion of that very split second. It is a shame that we miss so much, or we may have seen, but soon forget.

I urge more of you to take photographs, and I will certainly take it upon myself to try and keep a camera with me at all times.

Okay so not everyone is interested in photography specifically, but here is a good website that is culture/art based and has a lot of great examples of current shows across the UK and elsewhere. Check it out:


Today we look at the Oresund Bridge that changed the face of Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Stretching a staggering 8-kilometres, it opened in 2000, carrying both road and rail traffic from Copenhagen into Sweden.

Here is a documentary of the bridge thanks to Great and National Geographic.






Wake Up To Monday (or Day 39)

Why do we almost always seem to get lured into what is apparently the ‘thing to see’ or what is ‘trendy’ at that very moment?

I say this because I am a UK citizen and have little time for sports outside of Football and Rugby and now Handball (thank you Denmark). So what about a guy from Wales sitting on a sofa in Copenhagen watching the American Football Superbowl 2010 live from Miami, USA until 4am in the morning? I even found myself crying out when the seemingly underdogs, New Orleans Saints intercepted a pass that ultimately sealed the victory 31 points to 17 against Indianapolis Colts.

I’m an avid football (soccer) fan and have never visited the USA or watched a regular NFL game in my life, but for some reason I have watched the last five Super Bowl’s, maybe it’s the half time show entertainment… The Who provided last night’s entertainment and fair play to them, they played great and for about 15 minutes you honestly forget your watching a cup final match and not a concert! Americans, for sure, do love the spectacle.

Saints lift the NFL Vince Lombardi Trophy at Last Night’s Super Bowl

Let’s take it right back to basics for those of you that have not yet been to Copenhagen, or those that have just arrived or intend on doing so. Here is a short but general guide to the city (by Lonely Planet), although take what the woman says with a pinch of salt and remember the city is however you make it out to be, for me, the sound of the city is certainly not jazz and are Danes really that crazy about smørrebrød???

Okay it’s official, remember the date, February 8th 2010, and I have finally decided to make a glorious comeback to Art and Photography, although it might be slightly more momentous when I actually put a film in a camera or pen to paper, but the idea and intention is there! The last time I actually took art seriously and made it professionally was just under a year ago for an exhibition in London entitled ‘FREE RANGE’, from which I sold work abroad and suddenly the passion went. However after visiting Louisiana in Denmark (an excellent art gallery for those of you who have not visited, so here is the link to check out upcoming/current events)

I have had the urge to come back and start a new style without the pressures of is it right or is it wrong, making art is trully a theraputic and enjoyable form of life, as cheesy as that sounds, I look forward to sharing the process with you over the coming months!

Guide to the Winter Olympic Events in Vancouver, Canada.

4 days to go until the Winter Olympics! Don’t know much about any of the events? Check out this handy article from ‘The Guardian’ to make the sporting programme a bit more digestable.


Also a special thanks to Copenhagen University Post for naming ‘FRESHFROMDK’ Blog of the Week.

You can read the published piece at this website address:

Weekend Edition

(This post will continually be updated over Saturday and Sunday)

Happy first weekend of the month – the longer the weeks go on, the more anxious I become about the safety of my current Masters thesis’ and current novel. Lunging paranoia aside, the more likely it is that my computer will go into an operatic series of crashes before simply dying in my arms, the more I tend to admire the shiny, sleak Apple Mac’s and yearn to hand over my debit card gladfully, before ruefully remembering that the possibility of this scenario is as likely as me winning the Nobel Peace Prize (although when you see Obama getting one, it seems easier each year, all I need is for the Scandinavians to believe that I will bring ‘future peace’).

Back to the blog, it’s the first ever ‘WEEKEND EDITION’, this post spans over Saturday and Sunday, and will be updated all the way until Sunday night, with videos, writing and links etc.

In news for next week, the good news is that ‘FRESHFROMDK’ is to be featured as ‘BLOG OF THE WEEK’ on Copenhagen University Student Newspaper, this will be published from Monday 8th February on, so go check that out from Monday.

I have the photographic urge once again. It’s been around 8 months since I last took a real film and camera and took photography seriously. I’m an Internationally Sold Professional Photographer, but the so far 8 month break has been gratefully recieved. So for those that have not seen any of my photography, I have some old links (bad self-promotion on my part here), from my own website and from other sites I am featured, enjoy!





Here’s one for the fashion concious … Love vintage clothes? Here’s a good website,browse for clothing and buy online – simple!

In another new feature next week in order to pay tribute to ‘FRESHFROMDK’ being featured as BLOG OF THE WEEK, I will be hitting the streets of Copenhagen and areas of interest, taking photos and reporting on places of interest for those of you reading from Denmark and to those with interest of the city. I will especially focus on the vintage district and other points of Danish custom that other nationalities may not be aware of.


Today’s Copenhagen focus looks at Rosenborg Castle, in the city of Copenhagen. The city has many great parks but its most royal is the King’s Garden surrounding the Rosenborg Castle,  a summer residence to Denmark’s Royal family.



Snowdrifts and artificial turf, not ideal conditions for a game of football, but it didn’t make any difference as HIK U19 defeated Boldklubben Frem 7-0, in a game where HIK’s new attacking formation really came into play. As me (Assistant Manager) and the manager watched on, it was a pretty routine victory after the first three goals were scored. Frem never brought the game to HIK, and it will have done the whole team alot of good to go scoring crazy infront of the sparse crowd (although the cold may have played a bit big part in that!)


Champions Ireland began the 2010 tournament in convincing fashion 29-11 at Croke Park, Ireland.

2008 Champions Wales suffered opening day defeat to England 30-17 at Twickenham, England.


Group G: ENGLAND, Switzerland, Bulgaria, WALES, Montenegro

Very interesting draw for Wales against England, should hopefully be a very competitive group!

Group H: Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Cyprus, Iceland – Here’s one if your living in Copenhagen and want to see some good football, Portugal and Norway will provide very good games.

Have You Got That Friday Feeling?

Good day everyone, welcome to the ‘FRIDAY EDITION’ from ‘FRESHFROMDK’.

Here is a good video from ‘WONDERFUL COPENHAGEN’ that was filmed very recently, as a tribute to those that cycle despite the slippery, snowy conditions.

Today we go through a variety of mediums, up first is my song of the week, which will be featured every Friday.

HOT CHIP – ONE LIFE STAND – The new single is a fun and catchy tune and the video is really cool, so check it out (it’s  in HD to enhance your viewing)

Now of course for you Rugby lovers out there, it’s 6 NATIONS Kick-off weekend tomorrow, and we have the biggest match of the weekend, my home country of Wales taking on England on their home ground of Twickenham.

Expectations are high, and with Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy all taking part, it will be a mammouth few weeks of rugby. I will post a link to follow scores and previews to games if you too would like to follow the ‘RBS 6 NATIONS 2010’.

In relation to the rugby 6 Nations, I have posted a trailor of a new film about the true story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team, Francois Pienaar, to help unite their country. Newly elected President Mandela knows his nation remains racially and economically divided in the wake of apartheid. Believing he can bring his people together through the universal language of sport, Mandela rallies South Africa’s underdog rugby team as they make an unlikely run to the 1995 World Cup Championship match.


So tomorrow (Saturday) is my first pre-season game as Assistant Manager to HIK, we take on ‘Boldklubben Frem’, very good opponents from Denmark that will be playing at our home ground, which is still being cleared after the heavy snowfall, so the game should go ahead as planned after last week’s cancellation.

Weather today predicts highs at 2 degrees (if you can class that as a high) and snowfall for possibly 2 hour periods later in the day/night.

I thought today I would also introduce some of you to the Danish newspapers, online and in print.

For those that can read Dansk, then I recommend the better quality paper POLITIKEN

If your like your Danish news a little more, English then I recommend reading CPH POST


Today we look at the area of Christiania, the guide is in English and is in HD for better viewing.

(If your computer struggles to run HD then please select a lower setting on the YOUTUBE video from 720p to 360p)

TV and Music from Scandinavia

Today we continue an interactive blog manner, by looking at some tv and music from Scandinavia (with the focus on Denmark).


This advert is for electronics store El Giganten based in Scandinavia, but Britain’s John Cleese makes an appearance, in a rather desperate and stupid advert.

This next advert is a couple wearing nude suits – which from what I can make out is for a telephone company TDC. Quite bizarre!


Here’s a very funny clip from a Norwegian show, watch it through, very funny!

This video is mocking how the Danish language is becoming hard to understand even for Danes themselves! Funny also!

Here are some music videos from Denmark

This first song is very much on music channels at the moment and is a new group called ‘Hej Matematik’ (one half of the singers is a man from the group ‘AQUA’….from the 90’s remember?)

Speaking of AQUA, the scandinavian group are back here, and here is their latest song…

More tomorrow!